I have been fortunate to be a student of Julie Dimond’s for many years, and have always loved her irreverent take on yoga.

I was immediately sold when I heard about her new yoga hypnosis course. She’s a practical person so I knew I would be learning something fresh and interesting, with no bullshit.

The course was fantastic. It was a great way to confront thinking patterns and learn some new tools to build different ways of looking at life.

There is homework, and it was so worthwhile to do it. 

All the lessons Julie gave me are still taped to my fridge. I leant so much in this course and it will take time to absorb everything. I will be thinking about what we learned for a long time.

Julie is infectious, delightful, giggly, wise and realistic.




Having had the pleasure of being coached by Julie, I can say that her free-spiritedness, generosity, gentleness and vibrancy is super contagious. It's been really liberating to be able to work through deep seated life challenges with her and learn about how practice such as yoga can help me to live a more authentic and aligned life. I worked with Julie around bettering the important relationships in my life, and after just one session together, I instantly felt the impact. The dynamic instantly changed between me and my loved ones. We are now better communicating and the flow between us has opened up. Julie also created the space for me to stop the internal conflict and accept others for who they are. If you want someone who has a beautiful energy to help you navigate the challenges of your journey and become more enthusiastic about life, don't hesitate to get in touch with Julie!


 I went to see Julie for life coaching and for a few conscious hypnosis sessions to practice a deeper sense of relaxation.  

I found Julie to be a very caring and thoughtful coach.  During the conscious hypnosis sessions I felt totally at ease with her.  Julie has a very calming sense about her.  She genuinely cares about the client and is willing to work in a flexible way  as to achieve the best results for the client.  Thank you Julie! 



Julie creates a beautiful sense of ease and engagement with everyone on the journey, building a sense of community. There is thought in everything done, but it is your own thoughts, encouraged to reveal themselves, test themselves by Julie, with her easy communication of science, philosophy and science, with a self-effacing ease. Wonderfully fun and fulfilling.



This was such a special experience – the combination of Julie’s sunshine personality and the vast knowledge she has is incredible. It can sometimes be scary putting all your focus inward to observe the internal chatter– but having Julie guide us through with strategies to re-wire our thoughts and actions was amazing. I left the workshop feeling inspired, relaxed, and excited to delve deeper into the principles she shared with us. Thank you, Julie!