Personal Coaching

It doesn't matter how young or old we are, we all wish for the same things :  love, happiness, to have great relationships, to love what we do, to feel valued and to be of value, to feel that we are being the best version of ourselves and living a satisfying, contented life.

And we all experience challenges, fears, doubts and unresourceful habits that hold us back from our desired state. 

I can support your journey from where you are now to where you wish to be.

Below are four empowering options, all tailored to each individual and can vary in time required , generally from three to six sessions. All can be done in person in the Northern Rivers area, via Skype, or by Phone.


Here we focus on life direction -  where you wish to go and how to get there.  Often, we feel passionately about a goal and yet still it eludes us.  Or perhaps there is uncertainty in which path to take and a desire to gain clarity.  Here we look at what may be holding you back and get confidently aligned with how to move forward.  Let's get you there!


How amazing would it feel to longer be held hostage by a fear or phobia? There are techniques that give you a new perspective and an ability to reclaim your confidence so that they no longer wield any power over you.  

Or perhaps you are determined in becoming a non smoker or embracing a healthy weight. Again, there are tried and true techniques to help you succeed long term.


We all wish to have happy, respectful, fulfilling relationships and sometimes they can be elusive.  Here we uncover ways to enjoy healthy, authentic, loving relationships with ourselves and others.


Evolution gives you the opportunity to make profound positive changes in as many aspects of your life as you wish.  My mission will be to make sure that you love every element of your life!

Workshops and Speaker Engagement

I love holding space for groups of people and sharing ways in which we can all live happy, healthy lives.  

Topics include :  

releasing unresourceful habits

gaining clarity

letting go of fears

stepping into our power

communicating effectively

healthy relationships

self acceptance and love

how to achieve our desired state